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The first scientific and practical international conference on Cyberdiplomacy

The purpose of the conference is to discuss and explore the field of "cyber diplomacy" and its role in shaping the future of international relations, especially in light of rapid technological advances and increasing dependence on digital technologies. It also aims to foster cooperation and dialogue among various stakeholders, including governments, private sector actors and civil society organizations, to address the challenges and opportunities presented by the digital age.


The conference aims to deepen our understanding of how digital technologies are transforming international relations and to promote innovative solutions that can help ensure a more stable, secure and prosperous world in the face of these changes.

The conference on May 15-26, 2024 is a part of the ongoing Forum on Cyber Diplomacy of Ukraine

Strengthening international coordination and cooperation to develop a comprehensive approach to ensuring peace, stability and security in cyberspace in the context of rapid development of digital technologies and transformation of the international relations system.


Goals of the conference

  1. Promoting a better understanding and awareness of the impact of technology on international relations and diplomacy.

  2. Identifying current and emerging trends in cyber diplomacy and their implications for world affairs.

  3. Facilitating discussion and cooperation among various stakeholders to develop effective strategies for navigating the complexities of cyberspace and promoting the peaceful and secure use of digital technologies.

  4. Promote partnerships and cooperation between countries, industries and organizations to address common challenges and foster collective action against threats such as cyberattacks, disinformation campaigns and other forms of malicious activity in cyberspace.

  5. Encouraging the development of norms, guidelines and best practices for responsible state behavior in cyberspace and promoting compliance with these principles through capacity building and technical assistance programs.

  6. Supporting efforts to enhance cyber resilience and security in critical infrastructure sectors, including energy, finance, healthcare, and transportation, and promoting public-private partnerships to achieve this goal.

  7. Highlighting the importance of protecting human rights and fundamental freedoms in the digital age and identifying ways to mitigate the potential negative impacts of digital technologies on vulnerable populations.

  8. Providing a platform for networking and knowledge exchange among experts, policy makers and practitioners working in the field of cyber diplomacy to strengthen professional ties and promote future cooperation.


Speakers of the conference

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Cyber diplomacy is becoming an important tool for promoting national interests and realizing foreign policy goals. However, cyberspace is a complex and dynamic environment that is constantly changing. This makes cyber diplomacy a complex task that requires special knowledge and skills. For the successful development of cyber diplomacy in Ukraine, qualified personnel with knowledge in the field of international relations, information technologies, cyber security, cyber defense and other related fields are needed, and therefore it is necessary to urgently form and rapidly develop the direction of science and education in this field.


As a leading state educational and scientific institution of postgraduate education, which provides training, retraining and professional training of employees of the diplomatic service and specialists of other state institutions for work in the field of international relations, the Diplomatic Academy is the initiator of the creation of a number of training programs on cyber diplomacy in higher educational institutions, as well as new directions of scientific research in this area. These studies help to better understand this area and develop more effective policies and strategies. In addition, it is necessary to start thorough systematic cooperation with other countries within the framework of cyber diplomacy programs. All this will help Ukraine become a more influential player in cyberspace and protect its national interests.

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